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The Full Story


Done for you Spotify playlisting campaigns. We get rid of the hassle of collecting, collating, sending and following up on thousands of emails. We have a great reputation and relationships with a number of curators to get your track in the playlists it deserves. All of our campaigns are organic and completely safe for your profile.


We push your track for 4 weeks through our huge network of Curators, DJs, Playlist owners, Radio managers, Influencers and more to try and source as many genre-specific playlist placements for your track as we can. All of our playlist partners are genuine, and we run a zero-tolerance policy toward any bots or manipulated streaming.


We check and vet all of the curators that we work with and won't send you to curators that we believe are manipulating their playlist stream count. We're constantly reevaluating our contacts and keeping our clients safe, and we've never had any warnings or issues with any of our campaigns.

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